ZIBUR live & DJ PENNY METAL (UK) @ Katushka!

Zibur gästar Uppsalas EasternBeat-klubb nr 1: Katushka!
Kalmar nation, Uppsala
Friday, May 13 at 8:00pm – May 14 at 1:00am

+ incredible guest from London : DJ PENNY METAL !
‘The truly anarchic Penny Metal is a DJ extraordinaire, boldly playing tunes no one else dares. Her passion for Eastern European and Russian music shines through in the eclectic sets she unleashes on her audiences. Innovative and inspirational, expect a quirky soundtrack of rich folk anthems and eccentric Russian electronica with a splash of surf… all presented with a big smile.’

+ Sputnik Kollektiv as your favorite resident DJs

40/80:- kårleg

forget about grill parties, it’s warmer at Katushka – no doubt

More info:

ZIBUR live & DJ PENNY METAL (UK) @ Katushka!


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